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Software and hardware solutions for the Enterprise.
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Since 1998.
Current staf
35 high-skilled IT engineers, dedicated Oracle certified DBA team.
Interface usability and design team.
Dedicated QA team.
90% staff have at least Master degree in CS or Mathematics.
At least every 2nd customer uses our services for a 5+ years.
Oracle Certified Partner.
Microsoft Certified Partner.
1C Enterprise Certified Partner.
Development and integration of SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) industrial automation and monitoring systems.
Integration of the EDM (Enterprise Document Management) and Financial Accounting platforms.
Banking software (Customer services, Regional banking, SWIFT, Internet banking interfaces).
Mobile software development (Java, iOS, Android).
Unified communications (VoIP, enterprise messaging systems).
Custom web products (10+ years experience with all-in-AJAX JavaScript applications).
Network design and network support.
IT security solutions*.
* - all the security solutions are co-developed and audited by our ISO-security certified partners.