API for everything and everyone
The problem:
A majority of system interfaces are designed for humans.
Solution: uAPI
uAPI is the simple, modular API server which allows you to execute various system functions and obtain the system information with your own software (applications, robots, web services) simply by performing Web queries and receiving JSON data as a reply.
Write your own python modules in a few minutes
Here's a simple module example:

import os

def reboot(**params):
    os.system('%s shutdown -r now' % xprefix)
    return 'system reboot was executed'

connect it by adding a string into uapi.ini:
extension = power

and it's ready to work!
$json_result_reboot = file_get_contents ( );
Why to use uAPI?
  • Simple. Can you imagine it being any simpler? uAPI server is only about 200 lines of code!
  • Secure. Yeah, it's secure. Just because it's simple.
  • Free. Free for use, free to include in your own products and, of course it's an open source.
  • Optimized. uAPI contains a various standard modules, but most are written by users for themself. We are not the software developers, we work on a standard, optimized for the software developers.
  • Cross platform. Run it everywhere where you can run python.
  • Standard. uAPI can act as a proxy/request transformer for the various embedded devices, via ruAPI subengine.
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