The only server box you need in your office
What is aBox?
aBox is the server machine you can set up in a few clicks. It's small (28x9x36cm), light (3.5kg) and cheap to run - only 50-60 watts of the electricity power at the maximum load.
What is inside of it?
Firewall, Internet router, WiFi access point, file server, print server and the virtual machine Hypervisor allowing you to run your applications.
Is it hard to set up?
Just connect the power, LAN and the Internet cables and answer a few simple questions in the setup wizard and everything's ready to work!
Is it powerful?
aBox contains the latest Intel Xeon D 8-core processor, up to 128GB of RAM, two 10 Gigabit LAN cards, extremely fast SSD drive for the custom applications and up to 4 hot swappable 2.5" hard drives for the storage, up to 8 TB (6 TB in RAID5/RAID-Z).
Is it quiet?
It's quieter than the most laptops. Making the hardware green and quiet is our primary goal.
Can I run Windows applications inside aBox?
Yes, as long as your Windows distribution license allows you to run it as a server or at least as a virtual server.
What software runs inside aBox?
You get a custom multidistribution containing modified oVirt Hypervisor, pfSense virtual router (Mikrotik RouterOS as an option) and FreeNAS virtual file server. More applications coming.
Is it good to use virtual router and file server?
aBox supports hardware virtualization as well as a hardware RAID/SATA controller virtualization so all the applications run as though they have own hardware server. Before assembling, we test each component, especially storage cards to ensure it works well virtualized in one box.
Where can I purchase aBox?
aBox is currently available only to our wholesale partners so far. However we are going to open the retail store very soon.
Do you provide a support?
The warranty applies to all the hardware and lasts 2 years (1 year for the companies), but it's possible to make it last a longer period of time. The hard drives are covered with 2- or 3- year warranty, depending on the drive type. Currently we provide 8/5 support by phone or email. The support plan must be purchased separately.
May I resell aBox?
Yes, we are looking for the resellers. Contact us and we find an option for you.
May I download your software and build own aBox?
Sure. All components we include (except Mikrotik RouterOS, which's optional) are free for personal and commercial use. You may download our multidistribution and install it manually. To ensure it works properly please use only the tested components listed in our Hardware Compatibility List. You are just not allowed to resell aBox multidistribution or the own hardware with aBox multidistribution preinstalled without our permission.
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