Blogging engine
atMultiBlogger is the blog hosting network engine which allows you to build your own blogging network or a professional news website.
Main features:
  • Fully customizable and modular.
  • Flexible timelines - popularity analysis, subscriptions, priority filtering.
  • Works with almost any SQL database (Oracle or MySQL recommended).
  • Quick integration into your existing web project network.
  • Powerful WYSIWYG editor.
  • Easy to use moderator interface.
  • Flexible single sign-on system.
  • Custom support and feature development.
System requirements:
  • Java Application Server: Resin (recommended), Apache Tomcat.
  • SQL database: MySQL, Postgresql, Oracle (recommended).
  • HTTP load banacer is highly recommended as the front-end.
Website examples:
  • rootFront - multi blog website for the IT professionals.
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