Fast and reliable Fintech platform
Finac Enterprise Server
Finac Enterprise Server (FES) is a fast, reliable and easy-to-use financial technology back-end solution.

Finac Enterprise server allows you to quickly create your own financal project, minimizing development, support and development costs.

  • FES allows your applications to process tens of thoursands transactions per second
  • keeps financial data integrity
  • provides flexible activity and asset reports
  • can be easily scaled to any number of working nodes
  • can be deployed to any Kubernetes cloud
  • based on our open-source Python finac library, FES core is ultra-secure and excludes any back-doors.
Application examples:
  • Banking and electronic money platforms
  • accounting and audit applications
  • portfolio management and market research
  • custom financial solutions.
Feature comparison:
  Finac OSS Finac Enterprise
Accounting platform
Jupyter Lab integration
Grafana integration manual
Client-server possible
Vendor-tested server
DB back-end standard improved
Support community enterprise-level
Price free Request a quote