Smart event notification server
Roboger is an event notification server. Need a notification bot for Slack, Telegram or whatever else? Build it in seconds!

You can use Roboger as software-as-a-service (includes dedicated mobile apps) or use own Roboger server.

  • Works out-of-the box with multiple types of notification services.
  • Can send notifications to Telegram, Slack, e-mail, use web hooks and shell scripts.
  • Can be easily extended with custom plugins.
  • Notification rules can be managed with the flexible endpoint subscription rules.
  • Integrates with your software in seconds: append one API call and that's it
  • Linux-based systems can send notifications via
  • roboger-push
  • console command, which's similar to traditional "sendmail".
  • Own server can be easily deployed to any Kubernetes-based cloud (Amazon EKS, Google Kubernetes Engine etc.)
  • Roboger server is completely open source.
Application examples:
  • Personal life event monitoring.
  • Industrial monitoring systems.
  • Financial markets monitoring.
  • Software development CI/CD pipelines.
More info at Roboger web site.