Virtualize your IT
In the informational techologies virtualization means moving physical server machines to virtual.

Virtualization allows you to:
  • Save the company funds doing more with your hardware.
  • Reduce the data center footprint.
  • Make your systems hardware independent and easy to upgrade and reduce hardware vendor lock-in.
  • Improve reliability of your server farm and increase uptime.
  • Faster server provisioning.
  • Build your own QA/lab solution with just a few clicks - for new applications and platforms testing.
  • Improve security by isolating applications and tasks between the different virtual servers.
  • Extend the life of older applications.
  • Build your own cloud or integrate your infrastructure into the existing one.
  • Modern container-based solutions usually include CI/CD pipelines.
Our experience:
  • IT physical to virtual migration, for small companies and up to enterprise level corporations.
  • Virtualization of the complex industrial platforms with a specific physical interfaces.
  • Virtual datacenter support.
  • Backups planning.
  • Automatic server migrations.
  • High availability.
  • VMWare VSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, oVirt integration and support.
  • Custom KVM-based solutions.
  • Docker/Kubernetes microservices design and deployment.
  • CI/CD pipelines.

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